21 Years in the Making…

From Karen Paolino-Correia
Louie and I were honored to receive and be the first graduates and certified in Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork.
This certificate is so much more than a certificate of training, this is a reflection of the beginning and unfoldment of my inner transformational journey. So many miracles were experienced as I embraced the power of this work and connected in oneness with my Soul and a safe and loving community.
I did not embark on this journey thinking of being certified or that Louie and I would facilitate groups over the past 15 years. I began this journey because my soul brought me to the work. I was asking my soul during a challenging time…. Help me heal, know myself, and get unstuck.
I met Louie through Breathwork and we journeyed individually and in partnership. How can I say thank you for this gift? No words.
I cannot thank our facilitators Lenny and Elizabeth Gibson enough for being there and creating a safe and loving environment to go deep within; to heal, awaken and transform from the inside out. They are family as well as the entire Breathwork community and all those we graduated with this weekend.
I had a vision this weekend and its time after two and and a half years to start bigger Breathwork groups up again this Fall. This healing and transformational work is needed more than ever after these recent years.
I would love your help if you can assist…
Since moving to Rhode Island we are looking for a group space and a fairly large space. Could be yoga studio, center, but the space needs to hold 10 -20 people on mats spaced out and to play music without disturbing others. Ideally in Rhode Island and halfway between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Let me know if you can support and/or have any recommendations.
If anyone is interested in training in Breathwork with amazing facilitators please visit Dreamshadow Training. They are ready and have a mission to help as many people as possible through training other facilitators.
I am filled with gratitude and awe and wonder as I look back over 21 years. Labor Day weekend 2001 right before 9/11, I randomly and unexpectedly found myself lying on the mat having my first experience.
Looking back today, I would have never imagined I would feel in alignment more than ever before with my True Self and who I am and  the privilege Louie and I have had witnessing so many transform through the power of this work in our retreats and Quantum Breathwork workshops. May it only get better and better. And so it is.
With gratitude, Karen