Peace in Society and Psychotherapy

Lenny’s paper, Peace in Society and in Psychotherapy, which he presented at the 9th International Whitehead Conference Conference in September, 2013 Krakow, Poland has been published in “Recent Advances in the Creation of a Process-Based Worldview” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016):

From Michael Weber’s introduction to the book: “… Leonard Gibson’s “Peace in Society and in Psychotherapy” evokes the question of peace from the dark standpoint of trauma studies. Peace is a social ideal but also a psychological one; history and anamnesis sometimes carry the same traumatic burden while diplomacy and psychotherapy have to deal with similar conundrums. In a Whiteheadian universe, the continuity between the approaches is anchored in the same ontological structure: any event is actually part of a string or society of events. Could the therapist act as a cosmic diplomat?”

From the book jacket: “Process thought is an important component of contemporary philosophy. Alfred North Whitehead’s organic philosophy has a special place in the landscape of process thinking, being detailed, precise and well-thought, and at the same time extremely visionary and far-reaching. The global community of process thinkers includes physicists, biologists, doctors, political scientists, educators, activists, philosophers, theologians and other people devoted to rethinking their disciplines in the light of process philosophy.

This volume presents the cutting edge in the creation of a process worldview. Leading scholars from all over the world gathered to discuss how process thinking can inspire us to rethink our lives. Precise philosophical language and a unifying vision are applied to core issues, such as politics, society, education and religion. The book represents a bold move from academic philosophy into the realm of actual human lives.”