Seven Days in September at Pendle Hill

Grateful for a week of training and sharing breathwork. Thanks to Pendle Hill for taking such good care of us!



21 Years in the Making…

From Karen Paolino-Correia
Louie and I were honored to receive and be the first graduates and certified in Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork.
This certificate is so much more than a certificate of training, this is a reflection of the beginning and unfoldment of my inner transformational journey. So many miracles were experienced as I embraced the power of this work and connected in oneness with my Soul and a safe and loving community.
I did not embark on this journey thinking of being certified or that Louie and I would facilitate groups over the past 15 years. I began this journey because my soul brought me to the work. I was asking my soul during a challenging time…. Help me heal, know myself, and get unstuck.
I met Louie through Breathwork and we journeyed individually and in partnership. How can I say thank you for this gift? No words.
I cannot thank our facilitators Lenny and Elizabeth Gibson enough for being there and creating a safe and loving environment to go deep within; to heal, awaken and transform from the inside out. They are family as well as the entire Breathwork community and all those we graduated with this weekend.
I had a vision this weekend and its time after two and and a half years to start bigger Breathwork groups up again this Fall. This healing and transformational work is needed more than ever after these recent years.
I would love your help if you can assist…
Since moving to Rhode Island we are looking for a group space and a fairly large space. Could be yoga studio, center, but the space needs to hold 10 -20 people on mats spaced out and to play music without disturbing others. Ideally in Rhode Island and halfway between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Let me know if you can support and/or have any recommendations.
If anyone is interested in training in Breathwork with amazing facilitators please visit Dreamshadow Training. They are ready and have a mission to help as many people as possible through training other facilitators.
I am filled with gratitude and awe and wonder as I look back over 21 years. Labor Day weekend 2001 right before 9/11, I randomly and unexpectedly found myself lying on the mat having my first experience.
Looking back today, I would have never imagined I would feel in alignment more than ever before with my True Self and who I am and  the privilege Louie and I have had witnessing so many transform through the power of this work in our retreats and Quantum Breathwork workshops. May it only get better and better. And so it is.
With gratitude, Karen

Psyche Unbound Symposium Celebrates Stanislav Grof, January 22, 2022

Stan and Brigitte Grof send the following message and links for those interested in the Psyche Unbound Symposium that took place last Saturday, January 22, 2022.

On Saturday January 22, 2022 we had an amazing symposium with many wonderful friends celebrating the Festschrift Psyche Unbound in honor of my 90th birthday. We are very grateful to Synergetic Press, City Lights Bookstore, MAPS and everyone contributing to this successful event. You can watch the symposium on Youtube now, here are the links. – Stan

Session One: Charting the Way of the Psychonaut – A storytelling event and tribute with Stanislav and Brigitte Grof joined by Rick Tarnas, Sean Kelly, Rick Doblin, Susan Hess Logeais, Will Keepin and Diane Haug. Moderated by David Presti.

Session Two: Psychotherapy and Consciousness – An overview of the research and main ideas of Stanislav Grof with Michael Mithoefer, Roshi Joan Halifax, Charles Grob, Paul Grof, and Jenny Wade. Moderated by Janis Phelps.

Session Three: Comparative and Theoretical Studies: Current Applications and Future Paradigms of Therapeutic Practice – A panel discussion with Tom Riedlinger, Tom Roberts, Diane Haug, Jasmine Virdi, and John Buchanan. Moderated by Maria Mangini.


Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork Webinar Series


From October 2021 through January 2022, Dreamshadow and Psychedelics Today offered a free webinar series exploring Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork, presented by Elizabeth Gibson, Lenny Gibson, Kyle Buller, Joe Moore, and others from the Dreamshadow community. Topics covered were:

  • Webinar 2: Foundations of Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork: Theory and Practice
  •  Webinar 2: Role of Group Process: How Shamanic Practices Foster Community
  •  Webinar 3: Body Awareness in the Breathwork Experience
  •  Webinar 4: Significance of Exceptional Experience for Human Psychology: Psychedelic, Mystical, Near-Death

Replays of all webinars are now available here: Exploring Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork.


The Inner Expanse

The practice of Holotropic Breathwork, like most depth therapies, is an art more than a science. At its best,  breathwork does not take place in a few hours. It requires that participants be persuaded into an attitude of open-mindedness and invited into an appreciation of community adventure. The essence is an experience that transcends any particular circumstances that engender it – an experience that springs to light in the soul and becomes self-sustaining. It is ultimately the nature of the soul that is the fundamental matter of interest for exceptional experience. Its locus cannot be found by those who would look here or there, for it lies in that boundless expanse within that knows no coordinates.


Registration is open for the April 2021 Philosophy of Psychedelics Conference

Tickets for the Philosophy of Psychedelics conference, April 14-16, 2021, are now available from the University of Exeter. Speakers include Lenny Gibson, Matt Segall, Charlotte Walsh, Steve Odin, Johanna Sopanen, Franklin King, Peter Sjöstedt Hughes and more.

New Online Course: An Introduction to Philosophy and Pyschedelics

Dreamshadow and Psychedelics Today are collaborating on a 15-week live, online course on philosophy and psychedelics, starting on Wednesday evenings starting October 28, 2020 

The history of Western philosophy lays groundwork for understanding the importance of psychedelics today. Philosophy began with the Greeks as a quest for the meaning of life. Orphic, Dionysian, and Eleusinian initiations celebrated experiences of death and rebirth, inspired the great tragedies, and nurtured mystical experiences that influenced philosophers’ inquiries into the meaning of life.

In the long path to our modern technological culture, philosophic endeavor endured many twists and turns – to the point today where it needs refreshment from the ancient psychedelic knowledge. How does history of western philosophy have significance for us now?

We will explore the practices and ideas of Socrates and Plato and their predecessors, the impact of Rome and the Middle Ages. We will examine the Cartesian-Newtonian turn toward modernity and its benefits and deficits as they have developed today. Finally, we will consider the cosmology of Alfred North Whitehead and other contemporary ideas for their value illuminating psychedelic experience.

For enrollment information, visit history of western philosophy


Rethinking Consciousness

From the book’s introduction: In chapter seven, Leonard Gibson takes a multidisciplinary look at the transpersonal realm, and the psychedelic experience in particular, exploring the roots and fruits of psychedelic/mystical experience from a Whiteheadian perspective…


Breathwork, Jung, and the Psychedelic Renaissance: Jung Center, Brunswick, Maine, November 22, 2019, 7 PM

Stan and Christina Grof developed Holotropic Breathwork at Esalen Institute as an alternative to psychedelic therapy. Esalen had fortuitously engaged Stan as Scholar in Residence when prohibition defunded his psychedelic research at Johns Hopkins. As Scholar in Residence, Stan had time for extended writing to produce his first and many subsequent books, and to create the workshops that became Holotropic Breathwork.

 Holotropic Breathwork combines group process, intensified breathing, evocative music, focused bodywork, and expressive drawing in a way that facilitates transpersonal experiences similar to psychedelic sessions. Groups of participants provided Stan with more extensive accounts than could individual psychedelic therapy. The growing body of data from breathwork inspired him to develop holotropic theory – beyond his groundbreaking discovery of the psychological importance of the human birth process to its archetypal and cosmological dimensions.

 This lecture will recount the history of the Grof’s work, explain its significance for personal self-discovery, its connections with the work of Carl Jung, and its implications for the future of the psychedelic renaissance. The renaissance undergirds the most important psychotherapeutic research in modern times, research that promises genuine cures for depression, addiction, and anxiety about dying.

 Lenny Gibson holds Ph.D.’s in Philosophy and Clinical Psychology, has 55 years of experience working with exceptional human psychological experience, and trained with Stan and Christina Grof from the beginning of Holotropic Breathwork. Recently Lenny and his wife Elizabeth founded Dreamshadow Group (, a Vermont-based nonprofit dedicated to the creative application of exceptional experience based on an approach combining personal development and community building in the context of a process-based metaphysical framework. The Gibsons have conducted hundreds of Holotropic Breathwork workshops in the US and internationally over the last quarter century. Lenny is a founder and currently Vice Chair of Community Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center serving forty thousand patients in the Rutland Vermont region.

Jean Wood will be the primary facilitator for the December Holotropic workshop in Topsham, Maine.  She will introduce Lenny to the group, add thoughts or personal experiences of her own, and will assist in answering questions for the group. Jean has been participating in Holotropic Breathwork sessions since 1989, and certified as a facilitator with the Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) in 2006.  She has facilitated in large groups with Stan Grof and staff at Naropa University, Omega Institute, and Kripalu, and has assisted with smaller groups in the Pacific Northwest. She has long used this work as a primary psycho-spiritual discipline for her own personal growth and learning, and is always eager to share it with others. She lives in Maine and offers weekend workshops in the Midcoast area as well as in Boston. Jean is a botanist, naturalist and inveterate gardener with a master’s degree in botany from the University of Wyoming. She has long been fascinated by the potentials of self-exploration and inner healing, and finds the natural world to be a powerful source of connection to the inner world and the human soul. She is also a student of astrology, pursuing – and awed by – the archetypal correlations between the planetary transits of participants and their experiences in our workshops.



From “William James on Consciousness Beyond the Margin,” by Eugene Taylor, p. 63
James was, first of all, impressed with the Hindu emphasis on an inner tranquility that could be systematically cultivated. In his Talks to Teachers on Psychology and to Students of Some of Life’s Ideals (1899), he said:
“We have lately had a number of accomplished Hindu visitors at Cambridge, who talked freely on life and philosophy. More than one of them has confided to me that the sight of our faces, all contracted as they are with the habitual American over-intensity and anxiety of expression, and our ungraceful and distorted attitudes when sitting, made on him a very painful impression. “I do not see,” said one, “how it is possible for you to live as you do, without a single minute in your day deliberately given to tranquility and meditation. It is an invariable part of our Hindu life to retire for at least half an hour daily into silence, to relax our muscles, govern our breathing, and mediate on central things. Every Hindu child is trained to do this from an early age.”