Brandon Workshop Registration, Step 1 of 3

Format and Schedule: This weekend workshop in Brandon, Vermont, will begin with dinner Friday evening, April 21, and conclude on Sunday, April 23, around 4 PM. It will include two breathwork sessions: participants will pair up, and each member of the pair will “breathe” in one session and then “sit” or hold space for their partner in the other session. Breathwork sessions will be supplemented with group sharing and processing. We are expecting a group of about 40 participants.

It’s important to be present for the full duration of the workshop because of the preparation, closure and integration required to support the  breathwork experience. The detailed schedule for the weekend is available here: Brandon Workshop Schedule.

Venue: The location for this workshop is the historic Brandon Inn, in Brandon, Vermont. Anyone wishing to stay over Sunday night after the workshop concludes can do so by making their arrangements directly with the Inn.

Fee: The full cost of the workshop weekend, including the workshop and meals and lodging at the Inn, varies from $595 to $660, depending on the room option you select when you register. For local participants who wish to commute, the fee for the workshop and meals is $415. If your commute would be more than 30 minutes or so, we recommend staying at the Inn because the workshop schedule is pretty full, with days ending around 9 to 9:30 PM on Friday and Saturday and beginning around 9 AM on Saturday and Sunday.

Workshop Facilitators: This workshop will be led by Lenny and Elizabeth Gibson, with help from Alex Pare, Brian Bauer, Jean Wood, Eileen Quemere, Isobel Nimtz, Franklin King, Lindsey Berk, and others from Dreamshadow Group. Information about us is available at Dreamshadow’s website.

COVID Precautions: Please review Dreamshadow’s COVID Policy before continuing to register for this event.

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