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Psychedelics Today and Dreamshadow Present:
An Introduction to Philosophy and Psychedelics
A 15-Week Live Online Course on Wednesday evenings starting October 28, 2020 

The history of Western philosophy lays groundwork for understanding the importance of psychedelics today. Philosophy began with the Greeks as a quest for the meaning of life. Orphic, Dionysian, and Eleusinian initiations celebrated experiences of death and rebirth, inspired the great tragedies, and nurtured mystical experiences that influenced philosophers’ inquiries into the meaning of life.

In the long path to our modern technological culture, philosophic endeavor endured many twists and turns – to the point today where it needs refreshment from the ancient psychedelic knowledge. How does history of western philosophy have significance for us now?

We will explore the practices and ideas of Socrates and Plato and their predecessors, the impact of Rome and the Middle Ages. We will examine the Cartesian-Newtonian turn toward modernity and its benefits and deficits as they have developed today. Finally, we will consider the cosmology of Alfred North Whitehead and other contemporary ideas for their value illuminating psychedelic experience.

For enrollment information, visit history of western philosophy

In-Person Events

We have postponed and cancelled all our in-person events for the time being and will post updates here. Our April 2020 Exeter, UK, workshop and conference have been rescheduled for next year, details at Thank you and take care.

Schedule/Cost for weekend workshops: The 2-day workshops in Pawlet, Vermont, consist of 2 breathwork sessions, supplemented with group sharing and processing. Workshops begin with supper Friday evening and conclude on Sunday by 4 PM. It’s important to be present for the full duration of the workshop because of the preparation, closure and integration required to support the  breathwork experience. The cost for a weekend workshop, including food and lodging, is $375.

Friday                    Saturday                                 Sunday
5-6 PM: Arrival    9:30 AM: Group discussion  9 AM: Breathwork
6:30 PM: Dinner  12:30 PM: Lunch                  1 PM: Lunch
7:30 PM: Intro     2:30 PM: Breathwork            2-4 PM: Group
..                         6:30 PM: Dinner                    4 PM: Closing
..                         7:30-9 PM: Group sharing

Schedule/Cost for five-day training retreats: These training retreats in Pawlet, Vermont, consist of 4 breathwork sessions, supplemented with group sharing and processing. They include teaching presentations on one of various topics: focused bodywork, abnormal psychology, group process, and overview and integration of exceptional experience. The cost, including food and lodging for five days, is $725.

Food and lodging for Pawlet workshops: We have a comfortable lodge where out-of-town participants can stay, with 6 bedrooms, 4-1/2 baths, kitchen, dining room and lounge. Four of the bedrooms are doubles and two are triples. We ask everyone to bring their own bed linens and towels. Some offsite lodging is also available, including the Inn at West View Farm in Dorset, VT, about 15 minutes from our place. Please inquire for details.

 Most of our food is prepared by Sissy’s Kitchen in Middletown Springs, Vermont, from locally-sourced ingredients — including veggies and fruit that we grow here on our land. We are thankful to have Sissy and Heather helping us with such wholesome and delicious food! See more at

For additional information about any of our events, please contact us:
Elizabeth Gibson,

Thanks for your interest in our workshops!

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