Pawlet Workshop Registration & Health Check – Step 1 of 3 (May 2024)

Five-Day Training: Focused Bodywork in the Context of Holotropic Breathwork, Pawlet, Vermont, May 15-20, 2024

This five-day training retreat explores how focused bodywork may be used to support Breathwork participants during their sessions. We will explore the history and development of this technique as taught by Stanislav Grof specifically for Holotropic Breathwork.

Format and Cost: This five-day training workshop will begin Wednesday afternoon, May 15, with registration starting at 4 PM and dinner at 6:30 PM, and will conclude with lunch on Monday, May 20. It will include morning teaching, discussion and demonstrations regarding the theory and practice of focused bodywork. Breathwork sessions will take place in the afternoons and will be supplemented with group sharing and processing after dinner in the evenings. Morning discussions will include teaching presentations and discussions. The cost, including food and lodging for five days, is $895.

It’s important to be present for the full duration of the workshop because of the preparation, closure and integration required to support the  breathwork experience.

Workshop Facilitators: This workshop will be led by Lenny and Elizabeth Gibson and Alex Paré. Information about us is available at this page..

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