Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization, the largest transdisciplinary conference ever held on behalf of the planet

On June 4-7, 2015, the Tenth International Whitehead Conference in Claremont, California, will focus on the need for an alternative worldview that can help us respond to the problems facing our world and the generations to come. Hosted by the Center for Process Studies, it will include a keynote address by environmentalist Bill McKibben, with participation from worldwide scholars, activists and researchers.  Stan Grof will be speaking on “Revisioning Psychology” and Lenny Gibson will be participating in panels on transpersonal metatheory, transpersonal elements in Whitehead’s thought, the metaphysical status of the subtle realms, and anomalies in physics and transpersonal theory. This conference is inspired by the thought and work of American theologian, philosopher, and evnvironmentalist John B. Cobb, Jr. A unifying theme of Cobb’s work is his emphasis on ecological interdependence. Cobb has argued that humanity’s most urgent task is to preserve the world on which it lives and depends, an idea which his primary influence – philosopher and mathematician Alfred North Whitehead – describes as “world-loyalty.” For more information, see