Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork Educational Program:  Practical and Theoretical Aspects of Exceptional Experience

Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork is an applied, practice-linked philosophy based on the works of Alfred North Whitehead and the research of Stanislav Grof, a co-founder of transpersonal psychology and developer of Holotropic Breathwork. This approach combines the practice of breathwork with a metaphysical framework necessary for understanding and integrating psychedelic and exceptional experience.

As “applied philosophy,” DTB uses the Breathwork technique in the context of classic philosophy to facilitate personal exploration of one’s self, find catharsis for problematic events in one’s life history, and recover the ecological and spiritual connections to the cosmos that modern culture has disrupted.

Educational Program

Our two-year educational program consists of four five-day intensives:

  • Overview of Holotropic Breathwork: Exploration of each of the aspects of Holotropic Breathwork, including how they combine to create a holistic experience: group process, intensified breathing, evocative music, focused bodywork, expressive art. The history of depth psychology and its culmination in Transpersonal Psychology are provided as a crucial backdrop.
  • History of Group Process and how to integrate best practices of group process into the Breathwork experience.
  • Bodywork: The techniques of bodywork demonstrated, and explained in reference to mind/body issues and Grof’s theory of perinatal matrices.
  • Abnormal Psychology: Its nature in the context of Holotropic Breathwork practice and with reference to Holotropic theory.

In addition to these five-day intensives, we require attendance at some of our weekend breathwork workshops, where we also teach the practical and theoretical aspects of DTB. As people are ready, they begin to step up and help us at these workshops to gain experience.

We recommend reading materials, offer online study courses based on the teachings of Grof and Whitehead, and help trainees offer their own workshops and related events when they are ready.